On Fire   >> Formerly "Idaho Farm"

Acrylic on Raw Canvas

23" x 13"

Frame Not Included


Profits go to FLYAWAY ! Read more below. 


"On Fire" was originally dreamt up after a few big smokes days in Colorado. We were living in some of the worst air quality in the world, which was partnered with the mountain views erased from sight. 

I decided to take an old painting and cover the mountains with smoke. 

Then, the Taliban took over Afghanistan and the reality of everyone in every part of the world dealing with a "fire" of some sort, gave this piece further meaning. 

Which fire do we put out first? 

How do we help people who are most vulnerable right now? 


I don't have all the answers, but know that giving money is important to ensure as many people reach safety as possible. 

This painting, as well as any prints, will be donated to FLYAWAY - a mission to resuce Afghans by funding flights in and out of Afghanistan. 


Visit the gofundme for more information: https://www.gofundme.com/f/flyaway-emergency-afghan-rescue-mission



**This painting is on a raw piece of canvas. It is unstretched and loose, and will therefore be shipped in a tube and rolled up. The painting is perfect for a more traditional frame!

Some photos of the painting before the smoke was added are in a black frame. Time is of the essence this morning as far as framing and photographing goes. Just imagine "On Fire" in a similar frame - thanks! 



"Idaho Farm" Inspiration: driving toward Stanley, Idaho during golden hour in the summer

On Fire >> Formerly "Idaho Farm"