"Custom Landscape Valentine"

--- a way to capture a landscape or place that has special meaning for you


Each piece focuses on the scene and contains a small couple within it. The people are quite tiny as are many of the details within each landscape valentine. From a distance, the small moments are easily missed, but come close to the piece and you are immersed in little strokes of beauty. 

Each painting contains gold accents and black line detail. 


What is the process? 

1. Choose paper color - there are limited quantities of each color. Each paper color has a unique color scheme. 

2. Order your custom landscape valentine.

3. Send your photo - You will receive an email asking for the photo you would like to use. This is also a time to request placement for the couple within the landscape. You can also specify which activitiy you would like the couple to be doing (hiking, fishing, rafting, walking, drinking coffee, skiing, etc.)

4. Receive a photo - Before your piece ships, you will receive a photo of the final painting. 

5. Shipping - Your piece will ship in time for a Valentine's Day arrival. All pieces will ship by February 7, 2022. 




9"x11" handmade paper created using recycled t-shirts

Ripped/Natural edge

Color options - yellow ochre, light pink, light blue, light green, white

Mixed Media - watercolor, ink and acrylic paint


*Due to the nature of this project, changes are not available. 

*** Can your "landscape" be a home or cityscape? Of course! 

*** Can I add your entire family into the piece? Of course!


*** Choose Local Pickup at Checkout to get your original painting in Denver, Colorado and waive shipping fees. 


Custom Landscape Valentine