Give the gift of original art! 


How it works: 

1. Choose the amount you want to gift. Commissions begin at $325. **Pricing specifics found below.

2. Proceed with the purchase. 

3. After you have made the purchase, I will contact you for the email address of the lucky gift receiver! 

4. I will work with the receiver of your gift to come up with the perfect piece of custom art! 


Feel free to reach out with questions at 


Specifics on pricing. All include a floater frame: 

  • $325 - 11x14 acrylic (canvas or wood panel)
  • $525 - 16x20 acrylic (canvas or wood panel)
  • $630 - 18x24 acrylic (canvas or wood panel)
  • $950 - 24x30 acrylic (canvas or wood panel)
  • $950 - 18x24 acrylic (raw linen)
  • $1,050 - 24x36 acrylic (canvas or wood panel)
  • $1,350 - 30x40 acrylic (canvas or wood panel)
  • $1,450 - 24x36 acrylic (raw linen)
  • $1,780 - 36x48 acrylic (canvas or wood panel)



Original Art Gift Certificate