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The TWO Types of Party Hosts Who Hire a Live Painter.

I’ve unofficially determined that there are two types of hosts who are eager to hire a live painter. The first is Art Fanatics and the second is Guest Centric Hosts. Getting honest about which type of host you are is a sure way to find your perfect live event painter! 

As you read through the host types, dig deeply into your “why”.

Which host type do you align with most? 

Art Fanatics: These are the hosts who are obsessed with original artwork. They have collections at home and believe that investing in art is money well spent. They might be creatives themselves or heavily in the art scene where they live. One of my recent brides hired me to paint her wedding as a surprise for her fiance. He loves art (perhaps an understatement) and has collected many originals. She knew he would be over the moon about a painting of their wedding ceremony. When she finally shared her secret during their first look, let’s just say there were a few tears. While painting live for their guests was an added bonus, this couple hired me because they love art. At the end of the day, hiring a painter was for them. When looking for an artist, the priority for Art Fanatics is finding a style they enjoy.  

Guest Centric Hosts: These are the hosts who are all about planning the absolute best party for their guests. The joy of their guests brings them joy. Hiring a live painter is great entertainment and while live painting is becoming more common, there are still many people who have never been to an event where live art is being created. The novelty and wow factor is what compels these hosts to take the plunge. Simply put, they are hiring a painter for others. Of course, they benefit from keeping the final piece, but the main priority is enhancing each guest’s experience. When looking for an artist, their goal is finding someone who will engage well with their guests. 

So, are you adding a live painter to your day because you love art OR are you hiring a live painter because you know it will create a better experience for your guests? 

Both can be true - but one is definitely top priority! 

Now, let’s get honest. After deciding which type of host you are, Art Fanatic or Guest Centric, we can narrow down the best artist for you. 

To my Art Fanatics: The style of the final painting is your top priority. This piece will be hanging in your home for years to come. It might be in a central location where you see it every day and are transported back to the moment captured. Your children, and eventually grandchildren, will memorize each brushstroke and it will be passed on as a family heirloom. Fall in love with an artist’s style and hire them to bring your vision to life. Color scheme, composition, and technique are what you should be focusing on. 

To my Guest Centric Hosts: Look for an artist who can chat with your guests, bring an image to life on canvas, and be as lively during your event as possible. In reality, finding an artist who can meet your budget is going to fit your needs.The final painting and style might not matter to you quite as much. Larger canvases can be seen from across the room and placing your chosen artist in a highly trafficked, highly visible spot during the event will ensure your guests enjoy the experience. 

Next steps: Each and every artist has a style that is unique to them. Ask around, compare pricing, and find someone who you align with. Hopefully, with your top priority in mind, you can find the perfect live painter for your event!

Kelsey Shields is a live event painter based in Colorado.


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