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I am passionate about BREATHING NEW L I F E into the beauty we find in nature and in life's finest experiences.


My hope is that my paintings transport the viewer into their own feelings of adventure!


Live Wedding Painting

Kelsey here. I'm glad you made it!

My focus is on creating paintings that fill your home with a reminder of adventure. I hope to help you build a space that you are excited to return to when your latest experience comes to a close. 
I can confidently say that I am an artist, wedding painter, Christ follower, Enneagram 4, Young Life Leader, adventurer, skier, climate advocate and fierce believer in people. After teaching art for five years, I made the leap into pursuing being an artist full time in the fall of 2020. These three years as "artist" have been the best wild ride! I couldn't be happier with the space I'm in currently.

This year will be a hearty mix of painting, experimenting, diving into podcasts, finding creative community, and seeking adventure. Tossing in a little bit of creativity along the way has opened my eyes to how beautiful and life-giving this profession can be.
My paintings aim to share the adventure of the west through landscapes and wildlife created in bold color. I hope that my work transports the viewer to their own feelings of adventure. My work is currently displayed and for sale in a handful of shops around Colorado. 
I'm excited to continue growing my portfolio of live paintings, which I discovered thanks to a couple of dear friends. Live event painting is a fun new challenge that has been opening unforeseen doors. I'm choosing to live by faith, and not by fear. Live paintings for 2023 are booking fast!
My paintbrush is increasingly becoming an extension of my arm and I'm thrilled to share all of the beautiful things painted this year. I can guarantee they will be born of a colorful palette and bring life and joy.
Welcome! Take a look around!

Photo credit: Becky Schwartz, Amy Gray
@bschwartz @yayamygray

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