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L I V E   E V E N T
P A I N T I N G 

Capture your event with a live painter.

Engage your guests.

Leave with a unique memory .


A live painting means that I will create a work of art during your event. Weddings are most common, but I have also painted at birthday parties, restaurant openings and galas.

My hope is to capture the energy and uniqueness of your event. I love painting with bold colors that create a lively atmosphere and captivate the viewer. Energetic brush strokes keep the painting playful and joyous.

In my experience, guests love the opportunity to watch a painting unfold and find live painting to be incredibly unique. A live painting is a remarkable way to provide entertainment for your guests.


By the time the event is over, you will have a completed painting to proudly hang in your home and serve as a reminder of your special occasion. I believe that paintings have a particular ability to transport you back to your fondest memories.


I will arrive at your event a couple of hours early to set up and choose a composition for your painting. My easel will be set up off to the side, but in a spot that allows me to engage your guests and see key moments to capture on canvas.


I begin each painting by choosing colors that fit the atmosphere of your event. I start with a very abstract layout of the space in order to make sure that the composition will be engaging and capture important features and details. 


As guests fill the space, I begin to move colors around the painting. With time, the image begins to emerge. It takes about four to five hours to complete the painting with significant detail, bride and groom (if applicable), or important guests. Each venue and event is special and therefore no painting looks like another. I delight in creating a painting that you love and put my all into each piece and experience.


Four canvas options hit a variety of price points. Floater frames are also available and are a lovely addition to any painting!



Are you looking for a statement piece or a quiet nod to stop you in your day to day? 



Please fill out the form below and we can chat through pricing and details to ensure that you love your painting and the experience as well as the memory it captures!


are also available for purchase. I will create your painting from a photograph and ship it to your home. 

Right: Gillespie Photography

Live Wedding Painting

Gillespie Photography

Guest Portraits
Pink Sugar

Now offering: 
G U E S T  P O R T R A I T S 

Your guests will take home a beautiful memory of your event.

Inquire below to learn about booking by the hour. 

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L I V E  E V E N T 


Have an upcoming event and interested in a live painting? I would love the opportunity to capture your event and look forward to collaborating on your dream painting!

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