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Painting in Delaware

L I V E   E V E N T   P A I N T I N G 

Capture your event with a live art experience.

Amaze your guests. Leave with a memory as unique as you are.

Kelsey Shields has been live painting since 2019.

Inquire below to learn more about:

> Live Canvas Painting

> Watercolor Guest Portraits

> Offerings Tailored to the Corporate Client

Canvas Painting OVERVIEW

A live painting means that I will create a work of art during your event. Weddings are most common, but I have also painted at birthday parties, restaurant openings, conferences and galas.

My hope is to capture the energy and uniqueness of your event. I love painting with bold colors that create a lively atmosphere and captivate the viewer. Energetic brush strokes keep the painting playful and joyous.

In my experience painting live at over 70 events, guests love the opportunity to see a cherished piece of artwork take shape. A live painting is a unique and remarkable way to provide entertainment.


By the time the event is over, you will have a completed painting to proudly hang in your home.




1. Arriving early allows for a seamless set up before guests enter the space.


2. Painting begins with an abstract layout of your chosen moment. This ensures that the composition will be engaging and capture features and details that are important to you. 


3. Each event is unique and moving from one location to the next is common. I like to follow the people! 


4. It takes about four to six hours to complete each painting. The finished piece can be left at the venue or shipped directly to you.

I believe that paintings have a particular ability to transport you back to your fondest memories.


Four canvas options hit a variety of price points. Floater frames are also available and are a lovely addition to any painting! Prices start at $3,200 (varies by location/date). 



Are you looking for a statement piece or a quiet nod to stop you in your day to day? Let's find the best size for your space. 



Please fill out the form below for a quote. A discovery call is ideal for getting to know each other and makes booking a breeze. 


are also available for purchase. I will create your painting from a photograph and ship it to your home. 







Right: Gillespie Photography

Live Wedding Painting

Gillespie Photography

Guest Portraits
Pink Sugar

Now offering: 
G U E S T 
P O R T R A I T S 

Watercolor Guest Portrait.JPG

Your guests will take home a beautiful memory of your event. Each portrait is completed in 5-7 minutes!

Inquire below to learn more! Investment begins at $2,250.

Happy Hosts

Bride and Groom adding to Wedding Painting
My husband and I hired Kelsey to capture our August wedding live, and we couldn't be more delighted with our experience! The painting is not only stunning but was also completed by the end of the reception! This was such a gift because our wedding photos and video have a longer turn around time, so being able to enjoy this painting immediately after is something we are so thankful for. We hung it in our living room the very next day, and it's a daily reminder of the best day of our lives! Kelsey is not only incredibly talented but also very thoughtful and kind. Kelsey was a wonderful addition to our wedding day. We could not recommend her more!


L I V E  E V E N T 


I look forward to collaborating on your dream live art experience. Your vision is important - let's chat about it!

Sevice Type : Check all that apply.

My hope for each collector, event host, and gifter, is that you find an artist whose style you fall absolutely in love with. I want you to leave with a painting that you look forward to getting lost in for decades to come. If that artist happens to be me - cheers! Let's create a piece that sings. If it isn't me, I'm happy to connect you with someone whose work you resonate with.
- Kelsey

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