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Art Cards


Typical retail price per 1 card: $10


For every 10 cards you purchase, you receive 1 additional card for free! 


Art cards are printed on matte paper with a small white border around the entirety of the image. They each have a small stamp on the back with Kelsey Shields Art information and come individually packaged in plastic sleeves. 


What art cards are: They are great for gifting, writing notes on, sticking on the fridge, or framing. 

What they are not: They are not your standard greeting card with an envelope. 


Art Cards highlight all of the available archival prints as well as loads of paintings that have been created over the years and have not been turned into archival prints. 

They sell well in retail shops where people have the opportunity to flip through the seemingly never ending pile of paintings. 


Because there are so many different art cards, please select if you would like primarily wildlife or landscape paintings or a combination of the two. You will receive cards to match. 

If you would like cards from a specific area (desert, beach, rocky mountains, Wyoming, etc.) please make a note on your order. 

Art Cards Pack of 10

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