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Purchasing a commission is a way to pay the deposit and begin the process.

Read on for the "big picture" followed by the "nitty gritty details". 



The Big Picture: 

Each custom painting is created on canvas or raw linen with high quality acrylic paint and sealed to ensure your piece stands the test of time! Kelsey specializes in landscape and wildlife paintings that have a bold, yet balanced color story and have a focus on nature and texture. 

After selecting every detail from surface, size, color scheme, image to be captured, whether or not you want a frame, and how your piece will be delivered, Kelsey will send over a watercolor sketch for your approval. As the final piece begins to take shape, you will receive images of the painting in process and again, approve the final painting or request changes. When the piece is determined complete, it will be delivered to you wired and ready to hang!


The Nitty Gritty Details: 

1. Select the month you would like your custom painting to be completed. Only two commissions are available each month. 

2. Proceed to checkout and pay the deposit of $275. The deposit is included in the overall price of the painting. For example: If you proceed with a 16x20 canvas painting that has an overall cost of $900, your remaining payment will be $625 + optional add ons. 

3. Kelsey will be in touch via email to begin the conversation about your custom painting. This includes: an optional video call to talk through your vision for the piece, a pricing guide for canvas and raw linen acrylic paintings based on size, options for framing, shipping or hand delivery, etc. 

4. Pricing for commissions begins at $900, with most clients investing anywhere between $900 and $4000. I am open to sharing pricing information prior to your payment of the deposit. Please reach out via email. 

5. When each detail is determined, Kelsey will create a watercolor sketch for your approval. With your feedback in mind, the final painting is started. 

6. Your custom painting will begin to take shape in the studio! 

7. When the painting is complete, or almost complete, you will receive detailed photos. At this time, changes may be requested. You will receive images based on the month you chose when paying the deposit. 

8. Once the painting is approved, it will be delived based on your selected mode of delivery. If you live in Colorado, this can include a drop off. Shipping is also an option depending on the size of the piece. 


I am thrilled to work with you on your dream painting! Let's create something beautiful and one-of-a-kind. 


*Your custom piece will never be offered as a print. 




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