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Guest Portraits

Guest Portraits

A small reminder of a joyful celebration. 

For those dedicated to making each guest feel seen. 

At a Glance

Including a custom portrait artist at your event is an unexpected way to surprise your guests. Your most beloved friends and family are beyond delighted when they realize they, too, get a custom painting. 

Kelsey's guest portrait style is a reflection of many years of art practice. Graduating with an art degree, followed by teaching for five years in the art classroom, to eventually claiming the title of "full time artist", she has been working hard to create a graphic, fine art look.


Quick and playful, yet realistic and elevated, each portrait truly does capture the essence of your guests. 

Guest Portraits are available as an add on as well as a stand alone service. Adding on an hour or two to your live canvas painting is common for more intimate events. Booking throughout cocktail hour and the reception is popular for larger parties. 

By the end of the night, a portrait of each guest as well as the party hosts, will be displayed neatly for guests to pick up on their way out. 

A party favor that is always cherished, never forgotten.

Guest Portraits - Photo by Chelsea Beamer
Bridal Party Members Portrait

Day of Process

01. Kelsey arrives early to set up in the designated space before guests enter. 

02. Each event is unique, but most often, guests have the option to get their photo taken or send their own image from the party. 

03. As the event unfolds, reference images are turned into custom watercolor portraits at a rate of 5-7 minutes each

04. A quick gestural sketch is made using black pen (no time for pencil!) followed by pops of watercolor. 

05. As portraits are completed, they are placed in eco friendly protective sleeves to ensure they arrive safely at home. 

Aspen Watercolor Guest Portraits.jpg

Guest Portraits hit the event scene full force with little warning. The process of creating them is similar; spurts of intensity followed by something beautiful. 

This page isn't quite done. Check back tomorrow to see our progress!

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