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Corporate Event Painting


Live art experiences designed to enhance any gathering.

Big Picture

Tailor a live art experience to your specific client and the overall vision or theme of the event. 

Corporate events have unlimited options and are typically where live art begins to push outside the box. While the more standard options of live canvas painting and guest portraits are available, even those avenues tend to stray from the norm for the corporate client. 

Kelsey has laid out guidelines for five live painting options with the potential to expand as you see fit. 

Ranging from minimal guest engagement to attendees joining in on the art making, each option is sure to leave an impression. 

Regardless of the experience chosen, the result remains the same; engaged and entertained guests and built camaraderie and connection among attendees.

Garden of the Gods Live Painting
Fusalp Portrait with Inspiration

Day Of Process

01. Kelsey arrives early to set up the chosen art experience. 

02. Throughout your event, attendees may enjoy watching, conversing, and/or creating artwork together. 

03. At the event's conclusion, Kelsey will have the artwork completed based on your preference.

Common end of night options:

    - a live painting ready to be raffled or auctioned off

    - guest portraits available at the exit

    - a group painting finished for display in the office

    - mural components ready for shipping or install

    - immersive art dismantled

BridgeHope Photographer_ Tina Joiner

Working alongside planners to customize a live art experience for their clients certainly gets the creativity flowing.

This section isn't quite complete! Check back in tomorrow to see our progress. 

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