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Live Canvas

Beloved moments infused with rich color.

A memory captured in

real time. 

Bird's Eye View

Booking a live painter ensures that your day is captured on canvas as the event unfolds. Weddings are most common, but all types of events are enhanced with live art.

Kelsey Shields focuses on immortalizing the energy and uniqueness of your event. Bold hues are grounded in a natural color palette, creating a lively atmosphere that captivates the viewer. Energetic brushstrokes and fine detail ebb and flow leading to a playful, joyous, and recognizable moment in time. 

Far beyond the final painting is an opportunity to involve guests in the process. Seeing a cherished piece of artwork take shape is not something that is quickly forgotten. A live painting is a unique and remarkable way to provide entertainment for your loved ones.


As you dance into the night, your painting will be completed and is a reminder the following morning that, yes, that did indeed happen. 

In Action Live Painting


01. Kelsey arrives early for a seamless set up before guests enter the space.


02. Painting begins with an abstract layout of your chosen scene ensuring that the composition is engaging. The top priority is creating a piece that brings your vision to life. 

03. Each event is unique and moving from one location to the next is common. Whenever possible, your painting will be with your guests.

04. Details begin to take shape as the party progresses. 

Your chosen moment, guests, details, and scenery will all emerge in rich color.


05. Each live canvas painting takes five to seven hours to complete. The finished piece can be left at the venue or shipped directly to you.

Bride Reaction

As an artist, I am  particularly interested in a painting's ability to transport you back to your fondest memory.


Four canvas options hit a variety of price points. Floater frames are also available as a way to elevate your piece.

Pricing begins at $3,200 and may vary by location and date.


Canvas Sizes

Are you looking for a statement piece or a smaller point of reflection within your day? Let's find the best size for your space. 


Next Steps

Filling out the inquiry form is the first step in making sure your date is available. From there, a discovery call is ideal for sharing your vision and makes booking a breeze. 


Kelsey primarily stays in Colorado, as there are an abundance of stunning events each year. However, she is open to traveling out of state for the right event. 

Riverbend in Lyons
Bride and Groom adding to Wedding Painting

My husband and I hired Kelsey to capture our August wedding live, and we couldn't be more delighted with our experience! The painting is not only stunning but was also completed by the end of the reception! This was such a gift because our wedding photos and video have a longer turn around time, so being able to enjoy this painting immediately after is something we are so thankful for. We hung it in our living room the very next day, and it's a daily reminder of the best day of our lives! Kelsey is not only incredibly talented but also very thoughtful and kind. Kelsey was a wonderful addition to our wedding day. We could not recommend her more! 

- Haeley

Black Canyon Inn Wedding Painting

We hired Kelsey for our wedding where she did a live landscape painting as well as guest portraits. Let me tell you, she is AMAZING! Our guests absolutely adored the portraits, and the final product of the scenery where we got married is just stunning. Kelsey was so kind, very communicative throughout the planning process, and made everything work seamlessly. Highly recommend!

- Tareyn

Pine Colorado Wedding Painting

Working with Kelsey for our live wedding painting was a wonderful experience! Not only was the outcome beautiful, but our guests loved to witness the progression during our event. Kelsey walked us through the process from our introduction interview until the piece was shipped. She was very flexible with how we could receive our painting. Thank you Kelsey!

- Angelica

Guest Portraits as an Add On

Watercolor Guest Portraits are as custom as it gets. Each piece is 5x7 and is completed in 5-7 minutes. 

Aspen Influencer Event Portraits

Offers tailored to the corporate client.

With the option to add a live canvas painting as well as guest portraits to your event, there are also additional unique offerings. 

Company Event Painting Gateway Colorado
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