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Small Rose Painting


This next collection is

fully inspired by YOU. 

Each "Perfectly Petite" painting is created from one of your submitted photographs.

So far, we have pictures from cozy backyards all the way to the tropics and mountaintops around the world. 

These paintings will fit into each nook and cranny of your home. 

They will stand on bookshelves, sit amongst flower vases and rest on nightstands. 

Perfectly Petite Paintings

Collection is officially 

My INTENTIONS behind this collection: 

  • To invite you into the creative process.

  • To gain new inspiration for paintings.

  • To create pieces that are attainable - paintings will begin at $115 without the discount.

  • To make work that fits into the little moments of your daily life as opposed to the big spaces.

  • To experiment, play, and enjoy practicing different techniques and processes of painting.

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