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"Moose Thoughts" Archival Print


Originally painted on 30"x40" of raw linen, this painting was eye-catching, vibrant, and told it's story to anyone who would listen. Bold colors are paired with simple black and white. The texture of the raw linen offers a natural and earthy feel.


Paper: Textured Somerset Velvet Paper

Border: All prints have a 1/2 inch white border, which is standard

Signature and Title: On the border, beneath the printed image.


Note: Due to scanning and sizing, prints may have a slightly different crop than the original painting. 


Local Pickup: Choose "Printist" at checkout to pick up your print order in Littleton, CO at 12371 Mead Way. This will waive shipping costs and should only be used by Colorado locals and for print orders. 

Orders over $150 ship FREE. 

Moose Thoughts Archival Print

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