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"They Let Me Roam" Archival Print


Original painted using acrylics on canvas. Intented to be slightly abstract and neutral, with pops of color - of course! This bison screams "contemporary" and I love imagining it in the many dynamic spaces of the home - stairwells, fireplaces, above that mid-century modern chair duo that you drink your coffee in every morning. 

The title is reminiscient of the past, when the plains were covered with millions of bison that were simply "allowed to roam" and unbothered. 


Paper: Textured Somerset Velvet Paper

Border: All prints have a 1/2 inch white border, which is standard

Signature and Title: On the border, beneath the printed image.

Horizontal Print.


Note: Due to scanning and sizing, prints may have a slightly different crop than the original painting.

They Let Me Roam Archival Print

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