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It's hard to beat the community, good conversation, and creative burst that come from working alongside others.

There is so much hope found in working together. 


I am always open to new and exciting collaborations! 

K A L A D I  C O F F E E

Art display at a cozy coffee shop. 

Kaladi is an awesome place for a great cup of coffee and they always have incredible artwork on display. Their curator, Katherine, does an amazing job finding local Denver artists and displaying work in a creative, professionaly way. Check them out at their two Denver locations! 



with Jennie Lou Art 

 Jennie and I met when she saw my artwork in Wash Perk  Coffee and reached out. Since then, we have painted weddings together, created a huge painting of the Tetons at an event at Devil's Thumb Ranch, and spent many studio days chatting and working

I also had the privilege of attending Jennie's Live Event Painting Workshop. She is a wealth of knowledge and I don't know where I would be without her influence. 

Being in collaboration and community with another artist is incredibly life giving. 

Live painting at Anthropologie
Jennie invited me to dip my big toe into the wild world of weddings with her. I attended the event for BHLDN and got a little taste of her career. 

I'm not sure where it will lead, but I do know that weddings are an exciting beast. 

Disclaimer: This is her beautiful painting. I'm merely adding a flower crown. 

Workshop Ladies
Live Painting Wedding Event


Article on what it means to be a #LadyBoss

Voyage Denver is an online magazine who's mission is to promote small businesses including artists and creatives. Voyage creates a platform for our stories to be told.


My work was highlighted in an article that focused on the Lady Bosses of Denver, Colorado. 

"I am a firm believer in Hope. I hope for what is to come. Throughout my toughest challenges - and, let’s be real, the entirety of my life in general - I constantly remind myself that even if the struggles I face are never fully overcome and wrapped up with a nice bow, I’ve been molded into a stronger person because of them. It might sound simple and cliche, but i think the answer is always HOPE."



Live painting and displaying work at the Denver Flea

To make a long story short, I made THE BEST connection through exhibiting my work at Wash Perk Coffee. I was invited to live paint at the then Denver Flea (now Fetch), and display my work with the CultureHaus booth. 

CultureHaus (a segment of the Denver Art Museum) aims to "inspire and cultivate the next generation of art patrons". The work they do connects young professionals who are advocates of the arts, with local artists. What could be better?! 


I would describe this event as the most inspiring whirlwind and I am forever grateful for my friends at CultureHaus for giving me the opportunity. 

Culture Haus Denver Art Museum Denver Flea Fetch Artist Event Painter Painting
Culture Haus Denver Flea Fetch Painting Artist Painter Denver Art Museum


Displaying work in my favorite coffee shop

I am lucky enough to live in the Wash Park neighborhood in Denver, CO. A dream for this Pennsylvania girl. I am even luckier to live down the street from Wash Perk Coffee. 

My friends and I have used Wash Perk as a home base for a few years now. We definitely connect to the characters in 'Friends' and the home they found at Central Perk. I don't think the names are a coincidence. 


Through knowing the baristas, I was able to put my work up in February of 2018. The feeling of seeing my work hanging on crisp black walls in my favorite coffee shop was unbeatable.  

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