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The Newest Custom Collection

"From Here and There"

This collection is known as an "Art Opt-In" (at least that's what I've decided to call them). An art opt-in is a way to collect a custom piece of artwork that is available for a limited time and under specific guidelines.

I've laid out the framework for the project and you get to customize it by providing

your own photos and making your own story with the work. 

This opt-in is titled "From Here and There".

Each piece features two landscape paintings on one piece of Arches paper. The stories told through these landscape pairings are endless! My example piece features Boulder, Colorado on the top, which is where my husband grew up. On the bottom is where I'm from; Lititz, PA. 

What story will you tell?

Limited number available. 

Two size options. 

Framing available for the larger size. 

Each piece will be shipped by the end of November. 

FREE shipping

Custom Collection Landscape Paintings

Create your story. 

Choose two landscapes that tell a story with their pairing.

The possibilities are endless!

Available in two sizes.

Smaller: 12" x 16"

Larger: 16" x 20" 

Matte black frame available for the larger size.

*FREE Shipping*

Tell your story with two landscape paintings

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